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Simply Day Spa is a premiere day spa which exists to provides its customers with the best in relaxation and wellness. While the environment will be unpretentious and honest, our professional staff will provide services on par with the best in the state.

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  • Massage Therapy

    Combined with Eastern techniques, you will feel the difference in our massage treatments. 
    • Acupressure 55 $80
    • Bliss Massage 90 $120
      Combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage. Stimulate your muscles and release tension with deep, focused massage combined with oil massage that soothes and relaxes your mind and body. Relax, energize, and awaken. 
    • Couples Retreat 55 $160
      Combination of swedish and deep tissue. Ease muscle tension and induce an overall sense of relaxation with blissful massage with someone special side by side. 
    • Deep Tissue 55 $80
      Soothe and detoxify tight and sore muscles and stimulate positive energy flow giving a sense of renewal. You will emerge with renewed energy and clear mind. Ultimate muscle relaxation. 
    • De-Stress Aromatherapy 55 $80
      Bask in world class pampering. Add natural benefits of essential oils to sooth your mind, body, and spirit. Beautifully combined of rosemary, lavender, ginger, and black pepper, naturally boosts blood flow. Enjoy natural warming of the muscles in this unparalleled healthy pleasure. 
    • Electromassage Release Therapy $100
    • Electromassage Release Therapy $150
    • Euphoric 60 $90
    • Euphoric 80 $120
    • Lymph Drainage $80
    • Prenatal Massage $80
    • Reiki 55 $80
      Helps healing, detoxifies the body, increases energy and improves stamina, improves circulation, improves sleep, relaxes mind and body, relieves stress, aids digestion, and can be combined with all other healing modalities traditional or alternative medicine.
    • Reiki 80 $120
    • Scrub and Massage 80 $110
      Scent of organic scrub will bring full relaxation. Invigorating body exfoliation followed by soothing oil massage. 
    • Spa Jet $80
      The new Dermalife Spa-Jet system is designed to stimulate the body, invigorate the senses and tend to the skin's needs through a sublime fusion of ancient knowledge and modern technology. 
    • Swedish Massage 55 $70
      Increased circulation, ease muscle tension and induce overall sense of relaxation. This will restore balance to your body. Indulgent and utterly relaxing. 
    • Target Massage 30 $50
    • Target Massage 60 $100
    • Thai Massage $130
      90 Minute.  Series of stretches.  Massage is done on the ground and requires the client to have clothing on. 
    • Warm Bamboo 55 $80
    • Warm Bamboo 80 $120
    • Warm Stone 55 $80
      Perfect harmony of heat and massage. The weight and radiant warmth of the stones, combined with calming essential oils penetrates muscle tissue while inducing deeper relaxation. Allow your mind to drift and your spirit to soar. 
    • Warm Stone 80 $120
  • Hand and Foot Therapies

  • Spa Packages

    The ultimate in relaxation and pampering. 
    • Spa Package 1 $185
      European Facial+Swedish Massage+Manicure+Pedicure
    • Package 2 $220
      European Facial+Swedish Massage+Spa Manicure+Spa Pedicure
    • Spa Package 3 $110
      Feel like loyalty with our 3 in 1 package.  European facial, manicure, and pedicure all at the same time!
    • Package 4 $140
      VIP experience in our 3 in 1 same time service! Feel like a celebrity has your receive European facial, spa manicure, and a spa pedicure at the same time!
    • Package 5 $400
      Couples Escape! Share a memorable experience with a loved one. European Facial+Swedish Massage+Spa Manicure+Spa Pedicure 
  • Wax Services

  • Skin Care Treatment

    • Aloe Mask Facial $100
    • European-Intense Cleanse $70
      We cleanse, exfoliate, massage, nourish, tone and moisturize your skin. A healthful mask with botanical extracts is used to rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish your skin. 
    • Vitamin C Skin Treatment $90
      Illuminate your complexion with an anti-stress treatment which creates a sensation of a tropical oasis filled with aromatic mandarin and lemon essences. 
    • Anti-Aging $100
      Start the age reversal process with this treatment that targets all the deficiencies related to the aging process. 
    • Microdermabrasion $160
    • Mini Facial $50
    • Back Facial $65
  • Cosmetics


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